Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Melbourne Cup Day

A public holiday in Melbourne, but the biggest day for race bookmakers. So off we went to Yarra Valley trots to make a buck. Craig's team doing the Melbourne races including the 'Cup, and Phil's team taking bets on the local trots. I was helping out Phil on the computer putting in the bets.
It was a long day... and a cold one.
Craig picked up two of his crew and made his way to Yarra Glen. Cam and I took the dog (to be dropped off at Woori Park Boot Camp) and picked up a bookies clerk on our way to Yarra Glen. That was 8.30am.
We made it to the track by 10.30 after the dog drop-off.
We didn't stop until 5.30 after the last race in Melbourne.
I didn't see one live horse, and the only race I saw was the Cup with 'Delta Blues' winning on a fuzzy tv at Craig's stand.
The locals were out in force and dressed up to the nines. Even though the weather was less than ideal for light, flowing dresses with lots of cleavage. But it didn't deter them and some of them looked great, albeit frozen! Perhaps the alcohol helped dull the chill.
Anyway, we finished up absolutely shattered. The day turned out quite profitable for both Nott boys.