Thursday, April 05, 2007

Not enough sleep...

Living in SK is always interesting. We get to enjoy F1GP aerial entertainment. We see the occassional celebrity down the street (Jimmy Barnes, Kimi Raikkonen, Paulini is a regular) as well as the Melbourne football team; we've seen Nathan Brown and Luke Darcy. We saw some UK band called Gomez load up their gear in a van for their sound check at the Palace. Duncan Armstrong was staying in the hotel near our favourite cafes. We saw Dannii Minogue doing her thing for charity with Shane Warne at the Junction Oval. Its all very interesting and great for people watching.
On the flip side, you get drunken/drug-affected couples having violent domestic disputes on your front step at 1.30am. So much so, you have to call '000' to get the cops down to (a) make sure he really isn't "going to kill" her, (b) they move them off the front door step, and (c) give me peace of mind that someone is down there doing something while the dog and I listen to the discussions from upstairs while Craig is away at the office.
I think on average, we have dealings with the police (calling them, providing any information regarding break-ins downstairs) at least twice a year.
Oh and the doorbell ringing is just hilarious late night on the weekends.
I love living in SK... just leave out the dodgy stuff.