Monday, June 04, 2007

London: Day 4

Jetlag helped me with getting up early to pick up Dad from Heathrow at 6am. Alex (bless him again) picked us up and drove to the airport, where (eventually) Dad appeared through the arrivals gate, looking quite fresh for a man having travelled cattle class from Kuala Lumpur for 12 hours (albeit with two lovely blonde Australian girls next to him).
After being dropped off at the hotel, and a quick freshen up, we headed off to have some breakfast, afterwhich we introduced Dad to the London Underground. We three headed off to the London Eye to check out the view and to give Dad an idea of where everything is. We saw Big Ben, then had a quick peak at Westminster Abbey, then we headed off to St Paul's Cathedral.
Dad and I scaled the 400+ steps up to the various viewing positions above the dome... and made it back down more than a little bit weary!!
That was the straw that broke the camels back and the mission was to get Dad (and I) back to the hotel before fatigue really set in. Now he has been checked into his lower ground floor room and taking a well deserved nap. We'll rouse him for dinner in a few hours time.
My feet are sore!