Saturday, November 18, 2006

Scattering of Mum's Ashes

Today we drove down to the Twelve Apostles to scatter Mum's ashes as she had requested. It was a long drive starting at 9am. We stopped in Lorne for brunch before continuing onto the Apostles, arriving at 1.30. We then made our way down the Gibson steps to the beach and walked towards what we dubbed the No#1 Apostle.
We found a nice little spot where there wasn't a lot of people and we placed Mum's photo and ashes on a rock with some flowers. Then Dad said a little prayer, before we went to the water's (icy) edge and we each scattered some of her ashes, along with some roses.
We reflected a little before we started to make our way back home again, happy that Mum is now free at her favourite spot. It was a day we will all remember.