Thursday, June 07, 2007

London: Day 7

Another quieter day today. Craig went to work in the morning, while Dad and I went to see the Queen. She was in, but not taking visitors though. Then we strolled through Green Park and made our way to Covent Garden. Would you believe its Malaysia Week at Covent Garden?! They have stalls with food and crafts. Some traditional clothing and art and tropical fruits on display. Dad met a lady there that a friend of his back in Australia knows. What a small world. To come from the other side of the world to be in London during Malaysia week and to meet a friend of a friend.
After walking around for a bit we went back home to rest.
I went out for some window shopping along High Street Kensington. I made my way towards Harrod's where I was to meet Craig after work. I didn't quite anticipate the distance and was very tired by the time I reached Harrod's (via South Kensington station).
For dinner we had some food that Dad bought at the stalls: char keow teow, beef rendang with roti chanai and chicken satays.
Tomorrow Dad heads off to Cheshire to meet with George and Judy.