Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Good deed for nought?

While walking the dog this morning, we came across a rainbow lorikeet floundering on the grass. I watched it for a bit, pondering what I should do. I decided to call the vet, who gave me a number for a wildlife rescue, who then in turn called Parks Victoria who called me back, while I waited and watched the bird make its way up a tree. A ranger came and he picked the bird up (after it had fallen out of the tree). It seemed to be a baby still, its tail feathers not quite developed, and a bit of down sticking out of its wings.
Well I left the bird in his capable hands and continued to walk the dog.
On the way back past the same place, Marlee was off lead and she came upon the same little bird. Thank goodness Marlee kind of listens to me and she didn't touch the bird, but she did give it a fright, poor thing. So the ranger just left it there afterall. I'm not sure why. Some other people were there and heard me yelling at Marlee and they were looking at the bird too, but I told them that I'd spoken to the ranger already. What to do? A guy said he would look back on the bird on his way back from lunch.
I don't know. Maybe the ranger thought it best for it to fend for itself? Or maybe there is nothing he could really do? Hmmm.

UPDATE: Apparently juvenile lorikeets get turfed out of the nest to encourage them to learn to fly, and that mum and dad will be still feeding it. So that's why the ranger left it there.