Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tropical Palm Cove

Well its warmer than Melbourne, but the sun only shines in the morning. Then the rainforest musters in the clouds and the sunshine is filtered. No soaking up of rays. But it has been relaxing. We've strolled along the beach to Palm Cove (about 15 minutes walk to the jetty) for breakfast. Last night we went into Port Douglas for dinner at one of our favourite places, only to find that Sassi La Cucina is now owned by new people. The meal was lovely but just not the same. And there's a huge crane hovering over a development at the start of Macrossan St which looms over the township. Yet more apartments. This region is going through a development boom and there are big plans for Palm Cove too. Its all getting too big. Come and visit before it gets too overun with tourists!!
This afternoon we have booked some massages, seeing as the sun is not co-operating. Tomorrow we check out and we plan to spend the day at Kuranda on the railway and cable car.
At least its warm here.